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How to take Homeopathy

What is a dose

One dose = 1 tablet or pillule or a few drops

2 tablets have the same effect as 1 tablet so there is no benefit to taking more than one.

How to take it

You can put one pill into a clean mouth (at least 15 mins before or after eating) and suck on it until it is dissolved. It is best to only touch the remedy if you are taking it yourself.

If you need to give the remedy to a child or a pet you can use a clean teaspoon.

Water dosing

You can put one dose in a small amount of water (10-20ml) in a clean class or bottle and stir or shake it well. You can then give a few drops of the remedy using a teaspoon or a dropper. If you use a dropper try to avoid bringing it into contact with the lips or mouth.

Next time you require a dose shake or stir the remedy well.


Give one well-chosen remedy and then wait and see what happens.

For most acute situations, if nothing happens, you can repeat the remedy in one hour.

If the situation is very acute, for example a painful ear ache, you can repeat every 15 minutes

If symptoms go away then return, give a 2nd dose.

If the symptoms continue to improve there is no need to repeat the remedy.

Watch and wait.

Let the body heal.

If you have given 4 doses of the same remedy without any improvement, or new symptoms develop, it is probably not the right remedy. Go back and study your source material and see if there is another remedy that can help.

If you can't find the right remedy, or symptoms improve but keep coming back, consult your homeopath.


For most acute symptoms 30c potency is best.

Use what you have. 12c is fine. (Tissue salts are often in 3x or 6x potency).

If the symptoms are very intense or the patient is very distressed or anxious then it might be more appropriate to give 200c or 1m potency, if you have it.

You can also give 200c potency if the 30c potency you have given has been effective but is no longer working.

Higher potency remedies should not be repeated too often.

Sometimes remedies don't work because there is something blocking the cure.

You may need help from a homeopath to work out what this is. It may be an emotional factor, an environmental factor or something more deep-acting within the body.

It is good to avoid strong-smelling products such as menthol and peppermint while you are taking homeopathy.

Please store your remedies away from heat and light and computers and electrical devices, including your mobile phone.

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